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We may not have Mountain Gorillas, but we do have Gorillas in the Mountains!

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In Memoriam
JoBeth Dewar, August 29, 1950 - April 30, 2015

Dewar Wildlife is deeply saddened to report the passing of JoBeth Dewar this past April 30th. Whether it was taking care of creatures large or small, or shining as an extraordinary light in all of our lives, or inspiring us to live life to its fullest, she was always a wonderful, loving friend, who cared so much about the wildlife on this planet.. May she find eternal peace and all her friends at the Rainbow Bridge...

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As you may know, the Dewar Wildlife Trust has been taking advantage of a recent hiatus in animal care to perform some infrastructure changes which have been put off for many years because we did not want to disturb the animals in our care. We  have also been constructing a new driveway into the property, since an easement that the DWT had been using recently expired. We are seeking funds to help us complete the driveway and to also cut in a secondary, emergency access road as well. Your contribution at this time would be a huge help to us in getting this task finished!

New DWT Driveway Begins...

In an effort to help promote knowledge about gorillas, we have had school groups, scouts, and tours almost every Saturday, and no one who left the facility ever failed to mention what a great impact it had had on them. With the continuing pressure on the native habitats of primates and diseases such as Ebola (Over the past 30 years, some researchers estimate that Ebola has killed about a third of the world’s gorillas), it is very important that we get as many young people exposed to the virtues of wildlife conservation as possible.

We also asked for  volunteers to help with cleaning up the habitat and keeping all the vegetation under control since it grows so rapidly in the North Georgia climate. This also gives the volunteers an opportunity to know that they themsevles actively participated in helping the project along.

And we had a table at Paws in the Park in Blue Ridge to help get the word out to all the local residents!

Also during 2014, the DWT hosted a pre-conference visit to the facility for the 2014 International Gorilla Workshop which was held at Atlanta Zoo. Some 80 gorilla experts, gorillaphiles and other attendees boarded a bus to tour the facility, and there was even a fancy cake to welcome everyone at the post-tour lunch!

Gorilla Workshops are held every two years at various zoos around the world, so with this year's workshop at Zoo Atlanta, it was a great opportunity to have many interested people visit the facility.

We are hoping that you too can join and help us with all our efforts and especially finishing the driveway by clicking here to give a tax-deductible gift today.  

The fastest and simplest way to donate to the DWT is to make a cash donation and receive a tax deduction for the 2015 year by clicking here. Or mail a check to: Dewar Wildlife Trust, Inc. P.O. Box 152019 Austin TX 78715, or better, just scan the front and back of the check (or take a photograph of the front and back using a smartphone) and email the JPG file to as we can safely deposit checks electronically.

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Dr. Terry L. Maple

A Message from Dr. Terry L. Maple

I’ve always admired the Dewar Wildlife Trust and their devotion to helping gorillas and other wild creatures. During my seventeen years as President/CEO of Zoo Atlanta I participated in an unprecedented period of productivity in gorilla breeding. Today Zoo Atlanta has more gorillas than they can successfully house on their campus. The availability of space at the Dewar Wildlife Facility for two young adult gorillas is a wonderful opportunity for both institutions. One of these gorillas is the only male heir of the great and wonderful Willie B. Willie B. Jr. (Swahili name, “Kidogo”) is a wonderful addition to the Dewar Wildlife population...
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