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We may not have Mountain Gorillas, but we do have Gorillas in the Mountains!

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School Groups visit Dewar Wildlife

Interested in having your School Group Visit?

  In addition to just visiting the facility, several school groups have made it a full outing by camping overnight on the Dewar Wildlife property. We have a fire ring which works well for a night time cook-out and students can use sleeping bags inside unoccupied buildings - even inside cages(!), or they can pitch tents or hammocks and sleep outside if the weather is good. Restroom and showers are available in a nearby building to make it a more pleasant experience.

Dewar Wildlife's secluded location in the mountains of North Georgia makes it an ideal place to experience the natural environment and encourage students to think about conservation, animal welfare and environmental issues. Teachers who accompany the students have been especially impressed at the uniformly positive reaction of the students to the experience.

Dewar Wildlife offers special pricing on group visits - contact JoBeth Dewar (706-374-5109) for more information

A class from Stephens County school visited Dewar Wildlife on October 18, 2013. This photograph was taken just outside the main gates at the conclusion of the visit.

All of them declared that it was an "Awesome" experience, never to be forgotten, to get so close to these magnificent creatures. After camping out overnight (boys in the cages in an unoccupied Gorilla Villa, girls in the Recovery building), they got up the next day and pitched in to help clear the garden for planting and help get the maintenance building organized. Thank you, Stephens County School!


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Dr. Terry L. Maple

A Message from Dr. Terry L. Maple

I’ve always admired the Dewar Wildlife Trust and their devotion to helping gorillas and other wild creatures. During my seventeen years as President/CEO of Zoo Atlanta I participated in an unprecedented period of productivity in gorilla breeding. Today Zoo Atlanta has more gorillas than they can successfully house on their campus. The availability of space at the Dewar Wildlife Facility for two young adult gorillas is a wonderful opportunity for both institutions. One of these gorillas is the only male heir of the great and wonderful Willie B. Willie B. Jr. (Swahili name, “Kidogo”) is a wonderful addition to the Dewar Wildlife population...
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