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We may not have Mountain Gorillas, but we do have Gorillas in the Mountains!

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Your Support Makes the Difference!

To make a contribution to Dewar Wildlife, click on PayPal button and enter amount (you can pay with most credit cards and do not need to sign up for PayPal to make a donation).  If you are donating $100 or more and ordering a limited edition print, indicate which print you want in Comment field below and enter your donation in PayPal Screen.


If making a donation of $250 or more for the original of Christmas Tree, email first to reserve it for you so no one else orders it before you have a chance to make your donation.  Donations in ANY Amount are always appreciated - even contributions of $5 or $10 all add up!

Original Art by Willie B. Jr. (Kidogo)

A An piece of original art by Willie B. Jr. (Christmas Tree - at left) is now available for any donation of $250 or more.
The third picture shows Willie B. Jr. in the process of creating another of his masterpieces. The original is an acrylic on canvas, size is 6" x 8" - and makes a highly unusual present that you can be sure they won't already have!
Limited Edition Prints (Edition of 350) of both Christmas Tree and Kidogo Dragon are also available with donations of $100 or more. Click on PayPal Donate button above and enter which print you want in the comment field.


Consider becoming a member of Friends of Dewar Wildlife Trust today, and take pride in knowing that your support is helping our efforts. You can join as a member by credit card by clicking on the PayPal Donate button (you do not need to join PayPal - just indicate your want to make a payment by credit card). If you prefer to place a donation via phone, please contact us at 706-374-5109, or if by mail, please click on the membership form and include it with your donation and send  to: Dewar Wildlife Trust, P.O. Box 2291, Blue Ridge, GA, 30513  USA.. For questions and inquiries, you can also email us at

If you would like to purchase a membership in someone's honor, you will find a place on the membership form where you can fill in their information.

Choose your Membership Level (see table at end for benefits):

Juvenile $25

Blackback $50

Young Silverback $100

Silverback $250

Or join at the donor level and become part of a prestigious group that offers significant support to Dewar Wildlife. Donor memberships start at just $500 a year and include all of the regular membership benefits as well as priority registration for special programs, donor recognition, special guided tours, VIP events, and more.

Patron $500

Sponsor $1,000

Benefactor $5,000+


The Dewar Wildlife Trust, Inc.  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and all donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Note that under IRS guidelines, the estimated value of membership benefits is not substantial, therefore, the full amount is a deductible contribution.


Other Ways of Giving to the DWT

  • Appreciated Stock

Rather than a gift of cash, donating highly appreciated stock benefits both the DWT as well as the donor. By contributing appreciated stock, the donor gets a charitable deduction on the full value of what was transferred and the donor does not have to pay capital gains tax.

  • Charitable Trusts

Charitable Lead/Remainder Trusts are sophisticated elements of estate planning, which can provide substantial benefits to both the donor and the DWT - your estate planner will be very familiar with both types of trusts and what needs to be done to get them established..

  • Including the DWT in your Will

You may have thought about making a significant donation to the DWT but also recognize the need to maintain control of your assets during your lifetime. A will can name the DWT as a beneficiary and accomplish both of those goals. A will is a vital part of every estate plan, and we hope you will remember the DWT when you review your estate planning goals. The DWT can only be a beneficiary if explicitly named in the estate plan.

  • Life Insurance/Annuity Policies

An annuity or life insurance policy with the DWT as a beneficiary is another way that you can provide substantial benefit to the DWT, without making a substantial capital outlay at this time

  • IRA Charitable Rollover

The IRA Charitable Rollover allows individuals aged 70 and older to donate up to $100,000 from their IRAs and Roth IRAs to public charities without having distributions treated as taxable income.  The IRA Charitable Rollover provision was extended to December 31, 2013 but may not necessarily exist in the future, so please consider making a gift through your IRA before the end of this year.


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