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We may not have Mountain Gorillas, but we do have Gorillas in the Mountains!

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 Wish List

Unless otherwise noted, we just need one of each of the items below. The strange sounding items are enrichment toys/items for the gorillas!

Item   Apprx Cost   Comments
Mac Laptop   $500-$1,500   A used Mac laptop would be very useful for DWT
Pickup Truck   $2,000 -up   A used pickup truck to replace our now dead truck
Golf Cart   $500-up   A used golf cart for getting around facility
Miscellaneous Items for Thrift/Gift Shop   ??   Any items (except clothes) in saleable condition to put up for sale in the DWT Thrift/Gift Shop.
Best Ball - BB10, 10"   $12.70   Enrichment Items: Could use 5 of these (
Best Ball - BB45, 4.5"   $6.05   Could also use 5 (also at above URL)
Cap Feeder - OECF18   $32    
XL Dumbbell - D-507   $5.15   Could use 4 of these
Goughnut Stick - S1-A   $22.50    
Hanging Treat Dispenser - OEHTD   $85    
Klinker ball - OEKB6   $15.95   Could use 2 of these
Kong Blue - VTK   $13.40   Could use 3 of these
Looky Lou - 03014XXXX0   $127.88   Could use 2 of these
Bobbin - BBSB   $48   Could use 3 of these
The Zoy - OEZOY   $8.95   Could use 4 of these
Tiller   $199.88   e.g. Sears Front Tine Tiller
Ornamental Bushes        

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