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We may not have Mountain Gorillas, but we do have Gorillas in the Mountains!

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A Message from Dr. Terry L. Maple...

Dr. Terry L. Maple

I’ve always admired the Dewar Wildlife Trust and their devotion to helping gorillas and other wild creatures. During my seventeen years as President/CEO of Zoo Atlanta I participated in an unprecedented period of productivity in gorilla breeding. Today Zoo Atlanta has more gorillas than they can successfully house on their campus. The availability of space at Dewar Trust for two young adult gorillas is a wonderful opportunity for both institutions. One of these gorillas is the only male heir of the great and wonderful Willie B. Willie B. Jr. (Swahili name, “Kidogo”) is a wonderful addition to the Dewar population.

Steuart Dewar has invested millions in the design and development of such an innovative sanctuary for gorillas. With AZA certification, Steuart has the full confidence of zoo professionals throughout the nation. After a few tough years, the future of the Dewar Wildlife Trust is bright indeed. 

When Steuart asked me to lend a hand in planning and fund-raising, I was happy to join him. We hope to advance the vision of the Dewar Wildlife Trust and raise its profile among donor prospects in Georgia and beyond. It is time for others to join Steuart Dewar for the benefit of Joe, Willie B. Jr. and the other primates who will join them down the road.

I’m happy to do my part to keep this remarkable mountain sanctuary the best place on earth for a gorilla to reside. Hopefully, the many human retirees who have made North Georgia their home will join us in welcoming the newest additions to the Dewar primate population. On behalf of these marvelous gorillas, I welcome you to visit and learn about how you can help protect and preserve one of the earth’s most charismatic species.

To start a dialogue to help Dewar Wildlife Trust, please contact me at

Dr. Terry L. Maple spent 24 years as a nonprofit executive at the Audubon Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, and the Palm Beach Zoo, and 33 years as a college professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University in Atlanta. He and his collaborators published more than 200 scientific books and papers during his career. He is currently Research Professor of Biology at Florida Atlantic University and a leadership consultant to non-profits throughout the nation.

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